Detail of our new colorways of sweater ‚Faltenpulli‘
Mara wearing Pulli T(extur) unisex
Mathias wearing Pulli T(extur) unisex and Mara wearing Kleid 2. Haut


Kleid 2. Haut
Mara wearing Kleid Y lang gestreift
Mara and Mathias wearing our beanies ‚Mütze‘ in navy and petrol and our Streifenshirt unisex bemalt.
Mthias wearing Streifenshirt total unisex

Sinah wearing our handpainted shirt and shorts

Sinah wearing Jeans Gorls with our shirt ‚Faltenshirt‘
Sinah wearing our sweater ‚Faltenpulli‘ and Jeans Gorls
Detail Streifenshirt unisex
Sinah wearing Streifenshirt unisex
Sinah wearing our Faltenshirt, handpainted Shorts and our half creolen
Sinah wearing our sweater ‚Streifenpulli unisex‘, Jeans Gorls and earrings ‚halbe Creolen‘